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Peperomia Pepperspot
Peperomia Pepperspot

Peperomia Pepperspot

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About This Plant 

The Peppershot plant from the Peperomia genus is an easy to look after trailing plant, recognisable by its round green fleshy leaves and reddish coloured vines.  It also comes in a hanging pot so you can either hang it or trail it.


I like some light but am mostly happy in light shaded areas.


Keep me away from sun so best not to put me in a window especially if it is south facing.


My soil likes to be wet but not waterlogged so let me dry out between waterings.  When the top inch of my potting mixture is dry to touch its a good time to give me a watering.

Pet Friendly 

Like most (if not all) Peperomia's I'm fine to have around pets.


I come in a 14cm diameter hanging pot and trail around 25cm but grow reasonably quick.   My hanger is removable so you can place me on a shelf if you like and let me trail.