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Monstera Adansonii  (Monstera Monkey Mask)
Monstera Adansonii  (Monstera Monkey Mask)
Monstera Adansonii  (Monstera Monkey Mask)

Monstera Adansonii (Monstera Monkey Mask)

About This Plant 

Originating from the South American rainforests the Monstera Adansonii, sibling of the famous Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss cheese Plant), and not to be confused with its other mysterious brother (which 99% of the time it is) the Monstera Obliqua, is an easy care plant thats leaves lie somewhere in-between each of its famous siblings.  


I like some bright indirect light so put me near a window if you can. I'm a tough guy and can take a little more light if necessary so you can even park me in a north facing window, or even South as long as it doesn't get too hot over the Summer months.  I also like to be humid so don't be afraid to give me a misting.


I'm pretty hardy but prefer warmer temperatures so please keep me in a room above 10 degrees celsius.  Also don't put me in an area where the light is too low.


My soil likes to be wet but not waterlogged, check me every week and if the top inch is dry to touch its time for a watering, usually weekly in my growing season but every other week should do in the winter months.  I also like to be fertilised during the growing season which is Spring right through until the end of summer.

Pet Friendly 

I'm toxic to cats and dogs if they ingest me, so if your pets like to chew on plants keep me out of reach.


I come in a 17cm diameter pot and am roughly 40cm tall from the bottom of my pot to the top of my leaves.