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Maranta Leuconeura - Prayer Plant

About This Plant 

The Prayer Plant is a plant from the Maranta genus and originates from the tropical Americas.  Like the rest of its Maranta friends it has distinctive pattern leaves which in this case are a beautiful geometric green and pink.    


Being from the rainforest I like a warm humid environment (but keep me away from the radiator) and can handle bright indirect light to medium light.


Keep me away from the window especially if its south facing, I also don't like the cold so if possible keep me in a spot that's between 18-25 degrees celsius.  Oh and I almost forgot I dont like drafts 


My soil likes to be wet but not waterlogged, check me every week and if the top inch is dry to touch its time for a watering.  I like to be fertilised during the growing season which is Spring right through until the end of summer

Pet Friendly

Don't worry about it.


Comes in a 12cm diameter pot and I'm roughly 25cm high from the the bottom of my pot to the tops of my leaves.