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Hoya Carnosa Variagated (Crimson Queen)
Hoya Carnosa Variagated (Crimson Queen)

Hoya Carnosa Variagated (Crimson Queen)

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About This Plant 

The Carnosa is plant from the Hoya genus. This plant in particular is native to Eastern Asia and Australia and is identifiable by its waxy foliage and if positioned correctly can produce clusters of beautiful flowers.  Recent studies have also concluded that this species is also an excellent remover of pollution from the air.


Because of my variegation I prefer a brighter space with some sun but I can also handle more shaded areas of the house.


I don't like full sun and go easy on the watering, but dont worry too much I'm pretty hardy.


Let my potting mixture dry out between waterings, if the top inch is still moist leave me alone.

Pet Friendly 

Don't worry about it, I'm safe to both cats and dogs


I come in a 14cm diameter hanging pot and my stems are around 30cm.  My hanger is removable so you can place me anywhere you like.