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Begonia Maculata
Begonia Maculata

Begonia Maculata

About This Plant 

The Maculata is a plant from the Begonia genus and originates from Brazil, this tropical begonia is identifiable by its wing shaped, polkadot patterned leaves.  In the flowering season between Spring and Autumn the plant produces white flowers on in a cluster on a single flower stem.


being from Brazil I like plenty of light and warmth, don't let me go too cold.  I also like reasonable humidity like the rest of my family.  My favourite position is a bright spot with indirect light.  In the winter you can even position me in a window, just make sure I don't get too cold.


I don't like the cold obviously, so try and keep me in temperatures above 10 degrees celsius, if I'm being fussy 18-22 is my perfect environment.  I also don't like the shade, so best to keep me near a window. 


Let my top inch of soil dry out between waterings, my soil likes to be moist so keep an eye on me but its really important not to let me stand in water for too long as I am quite susceptible to root rot.

Pet Friendly 

Keep me away from any house pets as I'm quite toxic.


I come in 14cm diameter pot and am roughly between 35-50cm tall give or take a few cm's.  If you look after me well enough though my stems can grow up to one metre.