Need plants for your home, office, workspace, bar, restaurant or any indoor space but don’t know where to start? It’s easy, we can help you create your own urban jungle, and this is how it works. 

  •  Get in touch so we can arrange a visit to your home or workspace.
  •  When we visit we will analyse the space and most importantly the light and other conditions so we can make considered selections when helping you choose your plants
  • We’ll go away and break down a quote for you with our recommendations
  • Finally, if you like our proposal we will come to install everything and give you all the advice and a guide so you can maintain your urban jungle, or to save you the worry we can even maintain it for you.  Sound okay so far?

We also offer plant styling and studio projects across the whole of the United Kingdom and Europe.

For general comments and inquiries, please email us on or call us at 07805627668.