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Peperomia Angulata - Rocca Scuro

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About This Plant 

The Angulata is a plant from the Peperomia genus and originates form Peru. The plant has very beautiful dark green leaves with attractive dark green stripes and like most peperomias is an easy plant to care for.



I like a warm humid environment (but keep me away from the radiator) and can handle bright indirect light to medium light.


I don't like full sun so keep me away from the window please. 


My soil likes to be wet but not waterlogged, check me every week and if the top inch is dry to touch its time for a watering.  I like to be fertilised during the growing season which is Spring right through until the end of summer

Pet Friendly

like all peperomias I'm cool to have around pets.


Comes in a 12cm diameter pot and I'm roughly 20cm high from the the bottom of my pot to the tops of my leaves.